5 Strategies Shrink Fat

Recent research confirms that the main thing to keep in mind when we want to lose weight is to control calorie intake. This is especially when we were nearing the age of 40 years. Boundaries often recommended by experts is around 1600 calories per day.

As a guide, consider the following five tips to help cut calories, snacking impulse control, and ensure the weight-loss program running maximum.

1. Consider eating at home
Not eating in the restaurant activities that need to be wary of. Based on a study of 18 recipes that appeared in a cookbook classic, home-based specialty stores were 63 percent of excess calories in each serving. For one thing, serving food at the present time more and more.
Solution: When cooking, cut the ingredients up to half of the composition of the recipe. Or, immediately set aside half the meal to eat at the next meal.

2. Hue and sweet drinks
People who eliminate the consumption of sweet drinks a day can lower more weight within 6 months. In fact, one drinks can provide a significant difference. This when compared with people who try to reduce your caloric intake from solid foods, with the same amount. Researchers from John Hopkins University assume, calories derived from the fluid is not good enough, so we quickly feel hungry again.

3. Friends with protein
In studies conducted in Europe, the people who made up the composition of the daily menu of 25 percent protein, it can be more successful weight loss. Protein, either from a big meal or snack, can help us feel full longer. When ingested, the protein also need more calories than carbohydrates and fats needed. Thus the conclusion of the researchers.

4. Start with foods that contain water
Research shows, we ate 20 percent more calories if you start a meal with soup, instead of directly eating the main meal. Note: Avoid high-calorie soup, as made by using the cream.

5. Vegetable juice
Extract juice from vegetables to satisfy hunger and control your calorie intake. This is seen in the study at the University of California. Davis, volunteers who drank at least 240 ml of vegetable juice (low sodium), weight loss can be 4 times as much. This is compared with those who have a similar diet, but did not enjoy the vegetable juice.

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