Tadalafil and pulmonary hypertension

The recent studies on Tadalafil, a medication that was initially developed for treating erectile dysfunction, have shown that the drug can be quite useful for patients diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension.
The primary cause for pulmonary hypertension is the increased blood pressure within the arteries, which deliver blood to the lungs. Patients with such a condition often experience symptoms of dizziness, sleepiness, and being short of breath due to the decreased supply of oxygenated blood throughout the body, which is caused by the increased tension and lower rates of oxygen intake by blood vessels that are under high pressure.
Dr. Robyn J. Barst, who was the head of the clinical study on the effects if Tadalafil, stated that the drug has shown a very effective improvement on the blood-circulation aspects of the diseases and was highly tolerated by test subjects as well.

The study comprised 405 patients diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension of various degrees of severity, divided into groups who were given Tadalafil, placebo and Tracleer – a common and effective medication used in cases of pulmonary hypertension.
The results of the studies have informed that after the first 16 weeks of the experiment, patients who were taking Tadalafil have experienced delay in their condition worsening that made them seek medical attention, and has prolong the periods of time that they could safely undertake physical activity, without addressing special medications.
Moreover, the drug has improved the overall output of the heart and decreased the blood vessel tension as compared to the initial data at the start of the experiment.
The results of the study have encouraged the scientists to address the Food and Drugs Administration for reviewing Tadalafil and recommending its use in cases of pulmonary hypertension, besides the usual employment in cases of erectile dysfunction. This could be great news for those patients who were looking for effective alternatives to common pulmonary hypertension medications, being unable to cope with their side-effects.
Before Tadalafil, which is better known by its brand name Cialis, doctors have undertaken tests with other common erectile dysfunction treatment, Sildenafil, which is most known as Viagra. The results of the study were also positive and led to the approval of the drug for use in cases of pulmonary hypertension by the FDA. The only downside was that the drug should be taken three times a day, and being at least not quite convenient it has proven to be quite a costly alternative to common medications.
Form that point of view Cialis, being a more effective drug for treating erectile dysfunction with a much longer half-life than other similar medications such as Levitra and Viagra, has also proven to be more beneficial for addressing pulmonary hypertension as it required to be taken quite less often than its counterparts. So we can expect a boom in online Cialis sites in the near future, which are aimed at not only treating erectile dysfunction but also selling the drug to those people, who were diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension.

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