How Can I Speed Up My Computer

Disk Defragment

Disk De frag basically tidies up your hard-drive so your system doesn’t have to look so much when you ask it to do something. To find Disk De-frag on your computer just go to start menu, accessories, system tools then Disk De-frag. Once you have pressed on the Disk De-frag button you should get a small window pop up, simply click on De-frag Now and away you go. This will take a while if you have never done it before so be patient.

Disk Clean-up

Disk Clean Up scans through your computer picking out all the junk like temporary files, unused shortcuts and many other things you don’t need anymore. Once it has scanned your computer you will then get the option to delete what it’s found. Disk Clean-up can be located in the same place as De-frag and again may take a while if you have never run it before.

Spy-Bot Search and Destroy

Spy-Bot is an amazing FREE program that will scan and find Lot’s of nasty viruses hid on your computer. Make sure to scan in administrator mode so you can delete anything you find. For a FREE program this one really is worth having on your computer.

AVG Free Edition

AVG is another fantastic FREE program. It is a really good anti-virus as well as having loads of other features like Email scanner, system scanner and anti spy-ware to name but a few. Another one that is well worth having on your system.

Registry Cleaners

If you still cant find the cause of your computer being slow then you could possible benefit from a good quality Registry Cleaner. These come with an array of various features that can help your computer in so many ways. Error fixer, Internet optimizer and start up manager are just a few of the better features you could get. To be honest there isn’t many computers that couldn’t benefit from a good Registry Cleaner.


I would always suggest trying the free ways first to try and increase computer performance, however if you are still struggling then a Reg Cleaner may be the way to go. I would also suggest that unless your an expert then NEVER try sort out your own Registry. You may end up doing more damage than good.


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