Password Manager – 5 Reasons to Use at Home

Today for an obvious reason, there is no need to convince somebody to use passwords. We use passwords everywhere and they became one of everyday realities. However, competent password management is still a question of interest.

Here are 5 reasons to use XP password manager at home:

1. You will never forget your password. Mostly problems with passwords are not a result of hacker attacks, but usually take place because of simple human mistakes. Anyone can forget password or write it down on a piece of paper and lose it (which is generally the same) or make a mistake filling password field three times a row and then write letters to administrator to reset this password and get new. XP password manager keeps all passwords in secure database and allows you to avoid such troubles.

2. Your private information is secure. As a rule most private information, which you don’t want to become public property under no circumstances is usually kept on home computers. Competent usage of password manager will help to solve this delicate task as well as possible. Program stores all information in reliable secure database that protected by master-password.

3. You don’t need to remember passwords. Home is a beautiful place where we can have a rest and relax, including computer activities. However, constant necessity to remember too much important passwords doesn’t help you to have a rest, instead it has quite the contrary effect. Ability to remember one master-password instead of dozen can add some comfort to your home rest, isn’t it?

4. Program allows you to improve home PC security. Family PC has several users, parental lock systems and other unique access management tasks. In other words, it is several passwords important for family data security. Program provides random password generator, secure password database and other functions necessary to ensure your family PC security.

5. Competent password management. If we are using passwords so much why don’t we do it in a perfect way? This means to remember only programs’ master-password and easily forget all other because they are in secure encrypted database and you can login automatically without filling them manually just in one click.

Handy Password is a simple and reliable XP password manager. Program is perfect to perform all mentioned above tasks. Moreover, it provides several quite handy additional features. For example random password generator to create strong passwords, auto fill forms, and IE Favorites saving.

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