What Causes Your Night Time Hypoglycemia Or Low Blood Sugar Levels?

Although night time hypoglycemia is unusual in people with type 2 diabetes, low blood sugar levels during the night are common when diabetics continually raise the amount of insulin they use during the day in order to achieve their target blood sugar control. Sometimes it is difficult for diabetics to realize this is happening when sleeping as their adrenaline response is low then. Symptoms can also be more difficult to recognize simply because you are lying down.
Watch Out for These Symptoms:

  • restless sleep
  • crying out or having nightmares
  • waking up with damp pyjamas or bedclothes due to sweating
  • even a headache or
  • feeling really tired

These can all be signs of hypoglycemia whilst sleeping.Night Time Hypoglycemia can be Caused by Any One of the Following:

  • you may need to eat more in your evening meal, or
  • your may need to eat a late-night snack to help you avoid low blood sugars during the night
  • if your hypoglycemic episode occurs around 2 am or later… maybe you need to reduce your bedtime dose of insulin… talk to your health care provider
  • an hypoglycemic attack early in the night means your dose of short-acting insulin before your evening snack was too high
  • exercising in the late afternoon or evening, and then not decreasing your dose of bedtime insulin
  • having a few alcoholic drinks

What to do to Avoid Night Time Hypoglycemia:A good basic rule is to always have something extra to eat if you find your blood sugar level is below 120 to 130 mg/dL (6. 7 to 7 mmol/L) before retiring. This will not guarantee you will not have low blood sugar levels during the night… if you have any concerns, check you blood sugar level at 2am… then you will know. If you continue to have problems make sure you consult with your health care provider… he may decide to change your insulin regimen.

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