How to Fix and Prevent Windows XP Blue Screen Error and Avoid Driver Problems

If you’re experiencing the dreaded Windows XP blue screen error, then you’ll need to know the following things you can do to fix your problem.

The BSOD occurs when Windows encounters a system error or failure that it can’t recover from. When the blue screen comes up, you’ll want to write down the error message to find the exact area that Windows is producing the error.

Steps to Fix Blue Screen of Death

Quite often, it is a driver problem, so if the error message points to a specific driver, you’ll want to update the most current driver from the manufacturer’s website.

Make sure your computer temperature isn’t running high. You can access your computer temperature in your BIOS display at boot up. Overclocked systems tend to run much hotter, so they need more advanced cooling systems.

Download any pending Windows updates. An outdated Windows will run into more errors and cause more BSODs.

Run a Check Disk to make sure there aren’t any errors on your hard drive, as well. A scan disk will remove any bad sectors on your physical disk.

Repair Windows with CD

If you boot from your XP CD, you’ll see a repair option. Follow the instructions and prompts given to you during the boot.

Windows can degrade over time, so a disk repair can start your operating system from scratch.

However, I highly recommend backing up any and all important information and files before you do this. While a repair should not overwrite any documents or personal files, it is still completely possible.

After you’ve repaired Windows by CD, run a system defrag to eliminate the possibility of “dead zones” and file fragments causing critical errors. Be certain that you have a constant power supply during defrag so that you don’t run the risk of frying your system in case of a power outage.

Delete All Viruses

A virus threat is likely to cause system and Windows errors. They tend to access your registry files and corrupt, mimic, or delete them.

When Windows cannot access a necessary file, it will likely fail and resort to a Blue Screen of Death.

After running a scan for viruses, you’ll need to repair your registry with a registry cleaner. You can find more information about registry cleaners here, and learn how repairing important system files can stop Windows XP blue screen errors.

Optimize-Your-PC, with its advanced registry cleaning technology, will boost PC Performance and fix Windows XP blue screen error, in under 2 Minutes.


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