Computer Programming For Beginners

Computer programming is a process to instruct the computer to do a specific task. The instructions to tell a computer to do something are written in a language called as a Programming Language. Only one instruction is not enough for a computer to do something substantial, a set of instructions needs to be passed to it to complete a task. These sets of instructions are called as Programs

There are many different programming languages that programmers use to write programs, like C++, C#, Java and Visual Basic. The choice of language depends on the type of program that needs to be written and the expertise of the programmer in a particular language. Each language has its advantages depending on the type of program that needs to be written.

Programming languages are more for human understanding and make no sense to a computer. A computer understands only one language that is called as the Machine Code or Machine Language. To fill this gap all programming languages have a Compiler to convert their programs into machine code. Once a program is converted into machine code a file is created called as the application file. The set of instructions or program is called the Source Code and the complied file is called the Application

In general there are two types of Applications

Console applications: These generally run on black and white displays and do not use a mouse. Console applications are getting extinct day by day but you will still find some of them around.

GUI applications: These have a Graphical User Interface (GUI) and usually use a mouse. They are seen on Windows PCs, Linux PCs and Apple Macs. Creating GUI applications is simplified by programming languages like Visual Basic and C#.

Visual Basic or VB is an easy to learn programming language with advanced development environment from Microsoft. What is Visual Basic? – is where you will find all the introductory information. You can start learning VB here Visual Basic for Beginners.


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