A Beginner's Guide to SEO Through Classifieds

SEO is what online businesses and those with websites are doing to garner traffic and become successful. Many have already achieved their goals by implementing it. If you’ve been holding your business back due to a lack of familiarity with the SEO process, then it’s time to find out what it’s all about.

SEO is nothing but various moves you make to ensure that your webpage climbs the search engine results pages (serps) on search engines like Yahoo, Google, MSN and ASK. Any website or business is easily welcomed by search engines as long as they make the effort to follow the rules and guidelines laid down. Once they’ve compiled long lists, search engines give each website a position or ranking based on the number of quality links that lead to them. The more links you have to your webpage, the better your ranking as Google assumes they are votes for the quality of your website. To get quality sites to provide links to your site is much easier when your website content is original and informative.

The best way to go about this is to get in touch with a website that has online authority. After checking out your website, they might be willing to provide links to it thereby helping your website rise up the search engine rankings. If however, these links have “nofollow” attributes then search engines might fail to recognize them and make the necessary ranking changes.

Google’s spider follows your incoming links to your website and indexes your webpage. The spider can be expected to return to check out your website in greater detail later so it’s wise to make use of the opportunity by linking all your other important pages to your home page. There are many who believe that Google follows the “sandbox theory,” making it hard for new websites to gain good ranks, leaving such positions for websites that have earned its trust over long periods of time. However, my belief is that Google bases such decisions primarily on the quality of the incoming links that lead to your webpage.

Simultaneously making use of keywords in your website content and the incoming links can also make a big difference to your position on the results page. The Google Juice or attention you gain through this must be used in a manner that allows you to spread it throughout your website by connecting all your other important pages to the main page via internal links. If you must provide external links to other sites then limit those to pages you haven’t linked to your home page. While it’s advisable to do all this and get as many quality websites and pages to provide links to yours, it’s not always the numbers that make the difference you’re seeking – Google can easily move you up the ranks based on just one quality link.

Links that contribute the most to your Google Juice are those that are themselves linked to other quality websites and so it’s smart to seek out such sites for incoming links. Make use of keywords to take advantage of incoming links and provide several more links to your other pages. But do this by strict adhering to Google’s preferred link length. Using its spider, Google will not only check out your homepage but will spend time following all the links you provide on your home page as well thus indexing all the pages it ends up visiting.

Of course, all this can only happen when Google finds your content to be unusual and interesting. Duplicate content is completely ignored as are unnecessary or irrelevant external links. Google also tends to get suspicious when it notices a new website with too much keyword density and too many incoming links that have popped up over a very short span; it can take action by devaluing not just that page or a specific link but even the entire website and all the links on it. All the pages it finds that are rich in Google Juice, however are promoted while the others are demoted.

This is a very important reason why it’s essential that you spread the Google Juice so as many pages as possible on your website can be linked to the homepage using keywords. It’s by doing all this that you’ll ensure a higher and more obvious ranking on the serps when users key in specific keywords.

Ever notice that nationwide free classifieds can be a great tool for increasing traffic with hits and sales and selling products and services online. Free Classifieds and ads are the future of listing products online.


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