Vic Chesnutt dead

Famous singer-songwriter Vic Chesnutt is reported to be on a terrible condition and is currently under coma after another suicide attempt.

Several sources actually reported that he died already although we cannot really confirm at this point.

His condition was first learned via the Internet, specifically from Twitter, as the former Throwing Muses singer Kristin Hersh posted some tweets about it.

“Another suicide attempt, looks bad, coma–if he survives, there may be brain damage. This time, it’s real scary: *this* time, he left a note, *this* time, he asked them to call me.”

Chesnutt was known for his painful and poignant songs.

Chesnutt is 45 years old. He has been in a wheelchair since he was 18 years old due to a terrible car accident. He was discovered by REM singer Michael Stipe. Stipe produced his first two albums, including “At the Cut” and “Skitter on Take-Off.”


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