online data storage from Microsoft

Microsoft offers an online data storage service with a capacity of 25 GB to customers. Database is password protected, free, and can be accessed easily on Windows Live SkyDrive.

Windows Live SkyDrive to surpass all these options by offering convenience and unbeatable comfort. With 25 GB of storage, SkyDrive offers storing capacity which can not be matched anywhere USB.

The facility allows users to store various data. Office work sometimes requires people to submit various documents or send the data. This may be done in Windows Live SkyDrive. Thus, this facility also reduces the possibility of bad, like the loss of data being transferred.

Your data security is always a major concern. Therefore, SkyDrive provides secure options for each folder in it with a password. Stored data can be arranged for visits to or just to be shared with certain people only.

Through the shared folders, our friends also have easy to upload, download, and interact with friends through all the documents and files in the folder. Some people will be given only limited access to view the contents of a folder, while a certain number of people allowed to edit or upload documents into folders.

What can be done with MSN among others to share the photos entertainment, sharing information, and working on school work or college with more efficiently.

You can upload (upload) all the materials related tasks into one particular folder, then your friends can easily access the material and the task no matter where they are. To use MSN, Windows Live ID can be obtained through


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