Tips To Windows 7 Not Restart Continuously

Windows 7 operating system is not “magic” trouble-free. Although already much better than its predecessor, there were shortages here and there. Problems that arise can vary, ranging from application crashes because of not supporting, hooked up to restart his own illness.

Automatic restart this incident is not a bug, but rather facilities that are owned by Windows when it detects a problem with the system. However, instead of helping, this feature could be made even disgust.

To prevent this, consider the following steps.
1. Click “Start> Control Panel> System and Security> System”.
2. Click on “Advanced system settings”, then click the “Settings” in the box “Startup and Recovery”.
3. A new window titled “Startup and Recovery” will appear. Find the check box “Automatically restart” in the box “System failure”, then remove the check mark in front of him.
4. Click “OK” and “OK” again to save changes and exit the “System Properties”.


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