Tips Faster File Access

NTFS is the file system that operating system built with the foundation NT. Because Windows 7 uses the kernel, or core of the OS Windows NT, the operating system also supports NTFS.

Now, as the OS that can use the NTFS file system, it requires a functioning cache holds information about files contained in a folder. Like what does it work? When you open a folder for the first time, Windows will read and contain detailed information about the folder that you open it in a cache. This information will then be used if you open the same folder in the future so that the process will be faster.
With this cache increases, of course, the speed of your Windows folder in the reading of a will increase as well. To do this, practice the following steps.
1. Run the Registry Editor via the “Start”, and type: regedt32.
2. Go to the sub key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE-SYSTEM-CurrentControlSet-Control-FileSystem.
3. In the sub key “FileSystem”, click the right mouse button on the right window, then click “New> DWORD (32 bit) Value”.
4. Rename the new DWORD Value with the name “NtfsMftZone Reservation”.
5. Right-click DWORD Value NtfsMftZone this Reservation, then select “Modify”.
6. Fill in the Value Data requested by the value 2.
7. Click “OK”, close the Registry Editor window, then restart the PC.


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