Booting Windows without interruption

An error message (error message) as two sides of a coin. On one side, useful error messages to notify an error in the system, but, on the other hand, his presence annoying. Especially if nongolnya too often and can not be turned off.

The best way to overcome this problem is to fix the root cause of the error. But, if you do not have enough time to repair Windows, try the following emergency tricks.

1. Click the “Start”, then type regedit.
2. Go to the sub key “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE-SYSTEM-CurrentControlSet-Control-Windows-“.
3. Click the right mouse button on the right side window, then select “New> DWORD (32 bit) Value”.
4. Rename the new DWORD value that you created with the name “NoPopUpsOnBoot”.
5. Double-click DWORD Value NoPopUpsOnBoot, then click the radio button “Decimal” and fill it with Value 1 value.
6. Close the Registry Editor, restart your computer, and see the results.


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