Could Asus motherboard overclocking via Mobile

A new history in terms of overclocking Asus has been etched. Series ROG (Republic of Gamers) Maximus Extreme III its Intel P55-based could prove to be overclockable via a Bluetooth-featured mobile phone. This didemokan Asus in front of the visitors that took place DreamHack Winter 26 to 29 November last.

These capabilities thanks to features Bluetooth RC’s motherboard allows users to monitor hardware status and change parameters wirelessly through a full-featured PDA phone Bluetooth. This feature also supports the Bluetooth standard functions, such as stereo music playback, Skype instant messaging, Internet access and synchronize your phone / PDA. The process was easy; to switch modes from a standard overclock and just by pressing a button on the rear panel I / O.

Maximus Extreme III, as well as series III Maximus Formula and Maximus III Gene is designed for overclocking enthusiasts and gamers, even carrying ROG Connect. ROG Connect is overclocking interface that allows users to monitor and perform tuning their main system through a notebook or netbook with USB. This is similar to what a race car technician.

However, this latest version to add other functionality, the BIOS update and recovery, see the diagram, and the voltage and frequency settings on the hardware level in real-time. Update BIOS from a notebook is certainly please the overclockers.


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