Serve Genius without Receiver Wireless Mouse

Latest wireless mouse from Genius is interesting. Not only because of his physical supermini (74mm). But also because it does not need receivers. This means that notebook we will not lose one of his USB ports are usually occupied by the receiver.

Especially interesting in Micro Genius Traveler 900BT this? The existence of weak battery indicator. Blue indicator is present in the mouse scroll wheel technology is Bluetooth EDR 2.0. Is also interesting is the level of precision, which claimed 1200dpi.

Besides MicroTraveler 900BT, Genius also released two other supermini mouse for notebook users. Both carry the laser-based wireless technology and is claimed as the smallest laser mouse today. Micro and Micro Traveler Traveler 900LS this 330LS carrying 1600dpi laser sensor, which can provide high accuracy in the surface that are less good ones.

Micro Traveler 900LS with 2.4GHz cordless digital technology that can work with a range up to 10 meters sold for U.S. $ 34.95. While Micro Traveler 300LS dibandrol U.S. $ 14.9.

Meanwhile Micro Traveler 900BT Bluetooth technology and mengemaskan Symantec Norton Antivirus software 60-day version of retail at a price of U.S. $ 34.9.


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