Native Plants Indonesia Apparently Have Potential Drugs Anti HIV / AIDS

Many native plants as Indonesia anti-HIV/AIDS potential, but untested drug screening to be recognized.

“It was a screening of tropical herbs of anti-HIV often committed developed countries like the U.S. or Europe,” said Suprapto Ma’at biomedical experts in Jakarta, Wednesday (2 / 12).

Suprapto said the screening was preceded by the determination of sitotoksisitas cell culture extracts that have been diinveksi HIV, to screen for the fraction of plant extracts which are known to have a steady activity as anti-HIV.

Medicine, Faculty of Airlangga University was an example, from Western studies on turmeric (Curcuma domestika / longa) is known yellow-colored pigment found to have antitumor effects farmakologik like, anti-infective activity, anti-inflammatory and can inhibit the enzyme activity of HIV-1 integrase.

Which is a polysaccharide Acemannan acetylation of aloe vera (aloe vera) which researched the laboratory in the U.S. and in Canada, it is antitumor, imunostimulan, and antiviral.

Diterpenoid lactone found in sambiloto (Andrographis paniculata) can inhibit the growth of HIV-1 virus or HIV-2 virus and patented at Bastyr University AndroVir name.

Research on akstrak Meniran (Phyllanthus niruri) works as an anti-viral and imunostimulator (immune stimulant) in people with HIV / AIDS.

Mengkudu fruit extract (Morinda citrifolia) has patented a number of researchers in developed countries as an anti-infective and anticancer.

Tinospora cordifolia extract (Tinospora cordifolia) can reduce the symptoms that occur in HIV infection such as nausea, vomiting, anorexia and weakness.

Guava extract (psidium guajava) as a barrier to HIV and alleviate the HIV side effects, such as diarrhea.

Indonesia so that researchers can be more active in search of anti-HIV drugs from a variety of tropical native plants, have built a special laboratory and laboratory viral cell culture, although this lab requires a huge investment.

He said China is already screening of anti-HIV plant of 5000 species of medicinal plants, producing only about 90 species that showed anti-HIV activity or only about 13 percent.

So far, the handling of HIV / AIDS relies on HAART (Highly active antiretroviral therapy) which was introduced since 1996, which includes a combination of three drugs from chemicals for at least two types of antiretroviral agents.

HAART to the stabilization of symptoms and improve patient survival time between 4-12 years old, but does not cure patients from HIV and can relapse after treatment stopped.

“Thus, HIV patients need escort and alternative medicine herbal remedy potential need to continue to dig,” he said.


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