Behind the dangers of Vitamin A Cream

Vitamin A is one of the ingredients of skin aging products that are sold freely used. However, you must be very careful in using products that contain vitamin A and its derivatives.

A recent study published in the FASEB Journal shows vitamin A crucial role in the formation of energy in cells. Too much or deficiency of this vitamin will adversely affect the body. Therefore, you should be aware of the risk of an overdose of vitamin A given more and more products, whether cosmetic or supplements, which contain this vitamin.

“Our study tried to explain the potential downside of vitamin A due to the use of cosmetic creams and supplements. The use of excessive vitamin leads to the chaos of energy production that affect cell growth and death,” said Ulrich Hammerling, Sloan-Kattering from the Institute for Cancer Research in New York , USA.

In his research, the researchers used cultures of human cells and mice containing a specific gene modification of chemicals containing mitochondrial energy production.

These cells are then grown with and without vitamin A. The researchers then tested the impact on each stage of energy production. The results showed, retinol, an important component in vitamin A, is essential for the metabolism of mitochondria and function as sensors nutrisioonal in energy production in cells.

However, when our bodies are too little or too much to receive vitamin A, mitochondria can not function properly, causing damage to the organ.

“Beauty may be only limited to the skin layer, but vitamin A is not. He will go down to the cell nucleus and affect our health,” said Dr.Gerald Weissmann, editor-in-chief of FASEB Journal. “Using too much vitamin-enriched products can affect a negative, even fatal to the body,” he said.


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