Role of Chlorophyll in Kiwi Fruit

Generally the fruit changes color from green (when young) to yellow, orange, or red (when ripe). Only a few types of fruits that remain green when ripe. One of them is the kiwi.

The green color is caused by the pigment chlorophyll levels remained unchanged in the process pematangannya. Foodstuffs generally contain more chlorophyll is a good source of magnesium.

Many research results have shown that chlorophyll antimutagenik properties (preventing the spread of cancer-causing genes). This occurs because the nature of chlorophyll binding reaction can inhibit carcinogens with DNA compounds, and compounds to counteract the radical reaction. Chlorophyll can also protect the immune system through the ability to reduce reactivity of radical compounds.

One study showed that klorofilin, the substance chlorophyll derivatives, capable of binding Aflatoxin B1 can inhibit the occurrence of liver cancer. Benitez research results and Wens (1996) showed that very effectively lower klorofilin superoxide anion (free radical species), whose capacity is higher than the beta-carotene or vitamin C.

Kiwi also contains inositol, which plays an important role in intracellular responses to hormones and neurotransmitters. Some research indicates that inositol supplementation helps lung function in premature infants and adults who experience depression. Kiwi also contains serotonin, a substance that is calm effect.


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