Vitamin B for Breast

Breast cancer is one type of cancer is stalking her life. In addition to genetic factors, environmental factors, nutrition, and lifestyle also have a significant role for women to suffer from cancer.

Good news comes from the results of studies conducted over 10 years by researchers from Harvard University. In the study of experts to compare the data of 712 women had breast cancer with 712 women who were free of cancer.

Among women will enter menopause, those who eat foods with vitamin B-12 high, it turns out the risk of breast cancer had dropped to 63 percent. Unfortunately the benefits of vitamin B-12 was not seen in many groups of menopausal women. But those who take vitamin B-6 risk is reduced by 34 percent.

Folic acid is also another weapon to fight breast cancer, especially for women who daily drank 15 grams or a glass of alcohol every day. For those in this group, folic acid effective to reduce the risk of cancer that is associated with alcohol consumption.

The women in this study to get your intake of vitamins that come from a combination of natural foods and supplements. They consume 3 milligrams of vitamin B-6, 8 milligrams of vitamin B-12, and 423 micrograms of folate every day.

Source of vitamin D from foods such as cereals, orange, or orange juice. For folic acid, get from green vegetables, nuts, fortified bread, cereals, or pasta.


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