Prevent Cervical Cancer with the "Vagina Toilet"

Prevent cervical cancer not only done with vaccinations and pap smears. You can do the cleaning methods female sex organs, vagina toilet.

Vaccination is often constrained expensive. While regular Pap smears were often not easy to do. You have to adjust the schedule the doctor with your own schedule and of course go to the hospital or clinic can be ate its own time.

Meanwhile, the toilet vagina can you do yourself without any constrained. You decide the time and place. Including frequency.

The vagina is a way to wash the toilet independently or vaginal own work. Therefore this method is also given the term “Valeri Ananto” or vaginal own toilet. Ananto appended to the term because Dr. Sudohutomo Ananto is the inventor of this method.

Currently, Valeri Ananto believed to be one of the major mainstay in assisting efforts to prevent cervical cancer in women and is expected to further reduce morbidity and mortality of women from cervical cancer.

How can the toilet vaginal prevent cervical cancer? Very simple. The core activity is to clean the vagina and cervix and burrow around. Clean vagina of reproductive health will improve so will prevent the risk of infection that can cause cervical cancer.

Although a woman in daily life has been able to do their own toilet vagina, once a year should continue to do vaginal toilet to a doctor trained to ensure cleanliness and perform pap-smear examinations.

With vaginal toilet, but clean from dirt and disease, the sensitivity will increase sex organs, the husband would be pleased.


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