How to Throw Traditional Body Odor

Although not yet clinically proven, many people acknowledged efficacy of traditional ways away body odor (BB). Size of the ingredients, because there are no standards for sure, just think about it.

Here are some natural ingredients that are believed to expel body odor:
– Water stew betel leaf which has the effect of antiseptic used to rinse the moist genital area.

– Leaf beluntas and basil leaves are consumed as raw Lalapan.

– Water stew made of ginger and kencur ditambahai drinks with sugar.

– Some of the flowers of clove soaked and water to drink.

– Orange juice plus enough whiting and then applied to the armpits after a shower. Use a little whiting in order not to make the skin blister.

– Cucumbers sliced skin and applied to the armpits.

– Water alum is applied to the armpits.


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