Cocaine Addiction Vaccine Pelawan

To cure a drug addict is not easy. The researchers are now doing a study on vaccination to prevent cocaine addicts have a high species and help them fight the addiction.

The first trial by researcher from the National Institute on Drug Abuse is indeed not give results as expected, but the researchers say this small successful enough to give hope of using vaccines to cope with drug addiction problems in the future.

“This is an important study. It is clear, it is possible a vaccine that works disrupt the action of cocaine on the brain,” said Dr.Nora Volkow of the National Institute on Drugs Absue.

The vaccine used in these studies is that NicVAX vaccine originally intended to help addicts stop smoking. Cocaine and nicotine vaccines have the same action. They stimulate the immune system produces antibodies that attack molecules and mencekalnya drugs from reaching the brain.

In this latest study, reported that cocaine-fighting antibodies effective enough to prevent the addict feel the sensation of “high” and nearly 40 percent stopped using cocaine, although temporary.

“With the increasing number of drug addicts, the results of this study was better than not doing anything,” said lead researcher Dr.Thomas Kosten of Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, USA.

According to him, by taking a medical approach, rather than a moral issue, efforts to find solutions to the problem this addiction will bring greater impact.

The study involved 115 cocaine addicts who also menyandu heroin. The respondents are getting treatment at a methadone clinic. After an injection of cocaine vaccine or placebo vaccine over 12 weeks, the researchers then observed the respondents for 12 weeks. In addition, the respondents also follow the weekly therapy sessions. They routinely undergo urine tests.

In general, 21 patients who received the vaccine, or about 38 percent, had antibodies to the level of cocaine that is strong enough to prevent high sensation. Of this group, 53 percent stopped using cocaine compared with 23 percent who have a lower antibody levels.



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