Benefits Tempe

There have been many studies that prove that tempe is a healthy food. Compared to other foods made from soy, tempeh is made from whole soybeans. That’s what makes tempeh so unique with the following benefits:

1. High fiber
One serving of tempeh contains a very high fiber. Fiber is needed for digestive health and prevent various chronic diseases in the future.

2. Easily digested
Tempe is a good food choice for people who have trouble digesting high protein foods of plant origin such as nuts. Tempe fermentation process to make soybean in tempe become tender because the yeast enzyme produced previously been digested nutrients in soybean seeds.

Tempe fungus Rhizopus in producing phytase enzyme that digests phytates, which increases the absorption of minerals such as zinc, iron, and calcium. The fermentation process also reduces the oligosaccharide that makes soybeans difficult to digest. Research shows, tempeh does not cause bloating.

3. Good for low-salt diet
Unlike food fermented soy products like miso which tend to be very salty, tempeh is very low in salt, so safe to eat, people who need to reduce the salt.

4. Containing a natural antibiotic
Rhizopus fungi to produce natural antibiotic substances against a number of harmful organisms. Natural antibiotic substances in Tempe can be a cure for dysentery if taken every day.

5. Good for diabetes
The protein in tempeh is good for diabetic patients who often have problems with sources of animal protein. Protein and fiber in tempeh can also prevent an increase in blood sugar and keep blood sugar levels remain uncontrolled.


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