Prevention of HIV vaccine

For the first time in the world, test the vaccine to prevent transmission of AIDS virus that ultimately gave encouraging results. Earlier, after several failed trials, the HIV vaccine experts think is impossible.

In the largest vaccine trials conducted in the world for 16,000 volunteers in Thailand, found 31 percent of the volunteers not infected with HIV. Although the result is still relatively small, experts believe this evidence was enough to give hope that we can have an effective vaccine and safe to prevent these deadly diseases.

Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Dr. Anthony Fauci, warns that the results of this research is not the “end of the journey”. However, he says quite surprised and very pleased with the results of the study.

“It makes us more optimistic to develop a vaccine research and create a more effective AIDS. I’m sure we can do it,” Fauci said.

According to the world about AIDS, UNAIDS, an estimated 7,500 people infected with HIV every day and more than two million people died of AIDS in 2007.
“The results of this research is a historic milestone,” said Mitchell Warren, Executive Director AIDS Vaccine Advocacy Coalition, an international group working together to create a vaccine. “It takes time to analyze and understand the data of this research, but these results will give new energy in the field of AIDS vaccine,” he said.

Study conducted by the Thai Ministry of Health using HIV viral strain commonly found in Thailand. Therefore, some experts doubt whether the vaccine had also worked effectively for the virus strains circulating in the U.S., Africa, or other continents in the world.

The study tested two combo vaccines to enhance vaccine work. The first is intended to strengthen the immune system in order to attack HIV and a second vaccine to strengthen the response.

The vaccine used was from Sanofi Pasteur’s ALVAC, a vaccine division of the pharmaceutical industry Sanofi-Aventis, and AIDSVAX, made by VaxGen Inc., a nonprofit institution run by the Global Solution for infectious diseases.

ALVAC using canarypox, a bird virus that has been modified and can not cause disease in humans to carry three HIV genes into the body. While the genetic version of AIDSVAX contains proteins from the surface of HIV. The vaccine is not made from whole virus, live or die, and can not cause HIV.

We each own vaccine tested in early experiments in 2003, none of the vaccines that can prevent HIV transmission. The experts also argue that the trial futile. However, the combination of these two vaccines were given promising results for both are strengthened.

Vaccine experiment was conducted in men and women of Thailand are not yet infected with HIV, 18-30 years old but at risk. Half the volunteers received primary doses of two doses of ALVAC and AIDSVAX for six months. The rest received a dummy injection.

All the volunteers were also given condoms, counseling, and treatment for any sexually transmitted diseases. They also tested for HIV every six months. Each infected volunteers given antiviral drugs free of charge during the study which lasted 3 years.

The results of this research is 51 people infected with the 8197 group of people who receive the vaccine, and 74 people from 8198 people who received dummy injections. This means that the risk of HIV transmission 31 percent lower in people who receive the vaccine.


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