High-fat and Low Fiber Fast Puber Children Make

The boy in the U.S. today more quickly reach puberty at an appeal earlier generations. Allegedly, the cause is a high-fat diet and low in fiber, lack of exercise and a full environmental impact of chemicals that affect hormone function. This conclusion was reported by Dr. Marcia E. Herman-Giddens of the University of North Carolina and friends through the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent
In his research Herman-Giddens and friends look at data more than 2,100 boys aged 9 to 19 years collected in 1988 and 1994. From there it is known, the part about the boy’s genitals more quickly than the generation of fuzzy on it. On average, around the pubic hair that had begun to grow at the age between 9 to 12 years. Herman-Giddens says, the growth took place six months earlier on a similar research appeal he had ever done before.

The influence of faster growth that the health is not known in detail. But referring to previous research results of Herman-Giddens said, “The sooner a child reaches puberty, the sooner they will be dealing with diseases related to the testis as the girls who have to deal with breast cancer,” he said.


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