The Fugitives At Large End Year 9 (Noordin M Top)

Fugitives most wanted fugitive in Indonesia, Noordin M Top finally stopped on Thursday (17 / 9) morning. Masterminds of acts of terrorism that killed diberondong densus hot lead 88 teams in the ambush of a house in the village of Sari RT kepoh 03/RW 11, Kelurahan Mojosongo, District Jebres, Solo, Central Java.

End hunt for Noordin began with the arrest of two members of the Urwa and Aji. 11:30 AM, officers arrested Rohmad Praise Prabowo alias Bejo in Ivory Market, Solo. Rohmad any diinterograsi, and from here, the officer arrested aka Kedu Supono at 15:00. “Interograsi walked on the field and Praise, this two-person guide, in Kampong Kahuripan there are some people that there are terrorists there. The house was home Susilo Adib aka,” said the Republic of Indonesia Police Chief General Bambang Hendarso Danuri in a press conference at Headquarters Police, Jakarta, Thursday.
Then, he continued, at 23:30 evacuate personnel communities around the house. Half an hour later, at 12.00, the officer tried to break down the door. However, the officer immediately greeted with gunfire. They retreated and asked for five people who were in the house to surrender. However, it was still greeted with gunfire that followed popcorn heroic cries. The officer took no chances and resistance.

“They still would not surrender.’s Motorcycle at the house, because it hit, finally exploded. They were trying to secure himself in the bathroom. The children then make breaking wall,” he said. A few moments later, on Thursday morning, five people in the house managed to cut off.

When evacuating the suspect and confirmed by the results of forensic, police know the identity of the five suspects. “Thank God, Good, aka Budi Pranoto Urwah, Australian embassy bomber who had sentenced seven years and four years probation and the person preparing the bomb in Jatiasih, can be overpowered. He was never known in Solo, but because the news media, he’s off. One victim This Urwah killed an expert bomb maker. It’s a relief we are one of them, “he said.

Then, there Hadi Susilo the tenant house. He also evacuated in the state died. Officers also found a direct disciple Dr. Azhari, Aryo Sudarso aka Aji. Meanwhile, survivors are his wife of Susilo, Munawaroh. Women who are pregnant have been evacuated to Kramat Jati Police Hospital for gunshot injuries.

“Finally, we examine the antemortem data and fingerprints sent from PDRM Police Diraja Malaysia, thank God the glory of God, of at least 11 points in common on each finger, we found a common point 14 which can be accounted for. The 14 points are identical to the DPO that we make the target. He was Noordin M Top, “said Chief of Police. But, he added, this is not the end of police chase. Because there are other terrorists who roam outside.


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