The great thing in Broccoli Protects Heart

Broccoli benefits for heart health has been known for. However, how the mechanism, recently scientists from the UK managed to reveal it.

The researchers from Imperial College, London, England, discovered the chemical in broccoli and other green vegetables effectively enhance natural defense mechanisms to protect the heart from the blockage of arteries that can cause heart attacks.

In a study funded by the British Heart Foundation, the note that the compound sulforaphane can activate a protective protein was not active to protect the arteries from clogging.

“Indeed, we already know that vegetables good for the body, but how the molecular mechanism for this is unknown,” said Paul Evans of the National Heart and Lung Institute at Imperial College.

The occurrence of clogged arteries are not the same in every person, but branching and node on the blood vessels can make the blood flow slows down, so more risk of heart disease-causing plaque.

According to Evans, in areas vulnerable blood vessels, a protein that actually served to protect or Nrf2 is inactive. “Our results show that sulforaphane can activate Nrf2,” he said.

In this research, the researchers use a pure chemical compound sulforaphane, instead of broccoli. Furthermore, researchers will find out the impact of chemicals in vegetables.

“We will test and compare with the pure sulforaphane found in broccoli,” said Evans, who published his research in medical journals and Arterioscleroris Thrombosis Vascular Biology. When sulforaphane from vegetables is less effective, will likely be made next section.


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