Fruit Pears, Remove Toxins and Free Radicals

One type of food sources of nutrients are recommended to consume more is the fruit. For those of you who want to find fruit to prevent free radicals, pears are the answer.

Pears klorogenat acid, one part of the sinamat hydroxy acid. Sinamat hydroxy acids act as antioxidants that block the formation of cancer cells.

The result showed that the acid could prevent the growth of Shigella sonnei bacteria, cause disease in the digestive tract.

Sinamat hydroxy acids prevent colon cancer. Acid binding nitrate works in the stomach, preventing the formation of nitrosamines, cancer-causing compounds.

Sinamat hydroxy acids accumulated in many parts of pear skin. To get the best benefits, the consumption of pears with the skin.

Pears both to prevent the free radicals caused by vitamin C high enough. Vitamin C stimulate white blood cells fight infection, kill bacteria and viruses, as well as regenerate vitamin E. Vitamin E is fat soluble antioxidant, vitamin C is water soluble. Without the presence of vitamin C, vitamin E will be oxidized by free radicals.

Pear consumption can also avoid the liver damage. Glutathione in pears necessary in liver metabolism to eliminate toxins and also as a major antioxidant in the body. Rich fruit consumption reduced glutathione approximately 36 percent risk of liver disorders.


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