Blueberry Overcome Obesity and Diabetes

Blueberry juice with a little extra bacteria would probably help people with obesity and diabetes a day. The reason beradasar findings of experts from Canada, which experienced biotransformasi juice with bacteria from the skin of fruit to reduce hyperglycemia (increase in blood sugar levels are not normal) in diabetics when tested in mice.

Even this juice can protect mice from diabetes due to the emergence of obesity. Such research was published in August in the International Journal of Obesity.

“These results clearly indicate that blueberry juice biotransformasi experiencing strong potential as anti-obesity and anti-diabetes,” explained Pierre S Haddad, professor of pharmacology from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Montreal in a release.

Blueberry juice biotransformasi experiencing this, according to Pierre is a new therapeutic agent. The bacteria Serratia vaccinii, new strains have been isolated blueberries that come and work by increasing the effect of natural antioxidant fruit. Rat blood glucose levels, potentially causing insulin resistance due to obesity, hypertension declined by 35 percent after three days of taking this super juice.


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