To be more Extraordinary Sex

There are many ways to make your sex life incredible. Things “small” you have ever done or impress ordinary, can be a powerful style to satisfy the partner. Flavorings such as aggressive intervention appears a touch of tenderness and a fragrant scent, will make a couple rough, although not yet held formal ritual.

More aggressive
In love, aggressive attitude is needed. Especially if it was done by the women. Although there has been no formal studies, the average man is more capable states considered first desire.

Therefore, the ritual sex would be more interesting and satisfying if women are more willing to take the initiative. Make sure you have the courage to invite the couple to enjoy the beauty of the struggle by launching a tempting actions with intimacy.

Some actions that can seduce you have embarked, for example, couples kiss before leaving for the office, took her to lunch, calling the day, or give a smile and whisper naughty. Little things, according to experts, can arouse the he.

Do not underestimate the touch. Tapering fingers grace and tenderness were able to provide lethal effect. Especially if your partner has said, “The only time you touch me is when you make love to me.” That shows you never give a touch of tenderness than when having sex with him.

Believe me, touch that is not related to sexual activity can be more interesting and exciting. For you who want to do it, there are several types of non-sexual touch as a touch on the shoulder, neck, cheeks, or feet when you watch movies, put his hands in his lap when he was driving, or holding hands.

Looks good
About a hundred people surveyed to answer questions about how the easiest way to enjoy sex. Nearly 99 percent said they wanted their partners to look attractive or pleasing to the eye, even a simple dress.

Even if you sincerely love your spouse with benefits and drawbacks, would be better if the he always keep up appearances. In addition to daily activities outside the home, when the house is still needed awareness to look nice. Especially if you both agree to spend time with the “play”.

Body of fresh and fragrant
Body of fresh and fragrant it was a trick to telling pairing is always excited. The reason is, always fresh and the scent makes a person look sexy. When your partner smell good, of course you want to always be around her.

When you’re close to him, the body radiates sex and romance fires burning. Moreover flavored tender touch or whisper. That must be remembered, though important, does not mean you have to wear excessive perfume. Use perfume taste, guaranteed to be the membangklkan desire him to be ready to clash.

Intimate communication
How would the world without words, dialogue, let alone communication. It must be boring. That’s what happens when the sexual relationship without communication. When you share intimacy with your partner, you’ll want to enjoy an unforgettable sexual experience through grunts, groans, and saying that teasing her lips. So make sure you express the desire, passion, and sexual pleasure with the fabric of communication.

It was nice to feel if each partner needs to feel each other and willing to shed his ego for a variety of activities related to the warmth and sex life. Among other things, if your partner wants to do something or go somewhere, follow him back.

The more time you spend with him, the more chance you enjoy the event intercourse, touching each other, and establish good communication.

The time is right
Just like a battle, but the strategy also takes the right timing when making love. Especially if you do not have much time, you must make sure when your schedule and your partner will be met. However, try not always pegged schedule. You both also still be able to launch a surprise attack outside the agreed timetable.

Seductive spontaneity
Spontaneous Everything feels more enjoyable and memorable. Spontaneous attack is also a major key to success in having sex. You do not wait for the couple to ask first sexual stimuli. Embarked sex action quickly and precisely on the sensitive point. This action is guaranteed not only makes the couple happy, but also carried away with the romance that she had never felt before.

Guard condition
Everyone agrees, the body fit and healthy sexual activity that promises unparalleled. However, sex also includes “freshness” of mental and mind. That is, the sex is not only needed a strong body, but also a healthy soul.

For that, you should always keep your body energized and excited by the diligent exercise and regulate food intake. If necessary, treat yourself with a massage or spa with your partner. It would be remarkable results.

Focus your mind
Difficult it makes things more focused, including for sexual affair? Try for a moment forget about the kids, work, or whatever you will do.
Try to relax and rest your mind. Give your body a chance to have sex with your partner. This focus on sex could rest his body, while making you more refreshed, and easier to do on other occasions. Curious?


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