Sports More Effective than Angioplasty

The study proved that exercise is more effective for preventing heart disease than heart surgery. During this past Angioplasty or surgery is balonisasi primary therapy to prevent death or damage to the heart muscle for cardiac patients. However, several studies have shown that people with heart disease regular exercise positive benefits than surgery.

In the meeting, European Society of Cardiology in Germany, Sunday (30 / 8), some experts say doctors should advise patients to begin exercise than angioplasty surgery.

Angioplasty is usually done to widen the coronary arteries narrow. Blood vessels can be dilated by inserting a kind of balloon that can be inflated to the narrowing of the catheter through the femoral artery.

Then the vessel was supported by a stent to prevent re-narrowing (restenosis). This research shows how effectively reduce the occurrence of restenosis.

“It is rather difficult to convince people to choose sport rather than angioplasty. But the exercise proved to be effective,” said Rainer Hambrecht, heart experts from Germany.

In a study published in 2004, Hembrecht found nearly 90 percent of heart patients who routinely ride free of heart problems a year after they started doing the activity. Comparing with patients undergoing angioplasty, only 70 percent who did not experience heart problems a year later.

Hambrecht is now doing such a trial, to prove his studies, that for heart patients, exercise is more effective than the surgical procedure.

Other heart experts agree with the opinion of Hambrecht. Dr.Christopher According to Cannon, a medical professor from Harvard University said that angioplasty is only open a clogged blood vessels. “Exercise to improve more than one problem,” said a spokesperson from the American College of Cardiology this.

Besides the mentioned benefits, exercise also helps to lower bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol, helps the body process blood sugar better, dilate blood vessels, and makes the body get rid of toxins more quickly. Sports also will lower blood pressure and prevent the formation of plaque in arteries.

Joep Perk, a professor of health science from Sweden’s Kalmar University said two of the three patients who perform angioplasty heart will benefit more because of routine exercise.

According to him, doctors who perform angioplasty without asking the patient to change his lifestyle that has forgotten the very basic things. “It’s like cleaning the rust on the car without doing anything to prevent it arising again,” said a spokesman for the European Society of Cardiology this.

However, according to Cannon patients more likely to choose surgery as a more instant results. “With sports, the new results can be seen a month later, even more,” he said.


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