Body parts Sexy Women in Men's Eyes

A few weeks ago word got out that Solange Magnano (37), model and former Miss Argentina, died from complications resulting from surgery on her buttocks. Dr. Chiu Gabruel of Plastic Surgery Beverly Hills says, likely cause of death was Magnano, “A material is injected either fat-or silicone-enter large blood vessels, causing an embolism (blockage of blood vessels) lung.”

According to Dr. Chiu, the case is extremely rare, especially in the case of fat transfer. Magnano apparently suffered a blood clot that moves everywhere causing embolism.

Magnano killed while undergoing plastic surgery because he wanted to make her more beautiful grooved. We are looking Magnano figure will surely ask, “What on earth are less than him? Why is a model still want to improve the shape of her body?” In fact, men generally admire the natural beauty partner. You do not believe it? This is part of a woman’s body looks most sexy for men:

1. Hair
The spread scented hair shampoo will make the thought of him at any time. In fact, when the fragrance is wafted in the supermarket or at the hotel, he would immediately thought of you. Your hair is flowing gently stroking him forcefully to and stroked.

2. Eyes
Do not be surprised if Debbie Gibson once sang, “I get lost in your eyes ….” Your eyes sparkled when she managed to make the achievement of his career, or when tears when accompanying her mother who was lying ill, all of it just could not help him immediately hugged you.

3. Skin
Skin smooth and fragrant (thanks to the lotion that you use every day) also make it convenient to always be close to you. The experience felt not just skin physical contiguity, but also feeling at one with yourself completely.

4. Curve of the collarbone and neck
Protrusion of bone in the upper chest is very interesting for him. Possibly because the hollows and grooves in this section looks so sexy for them, especially when you lift your hair up. For ourselves, the curve of the neck is also a sensitive zone. Imagine when he kissed her lips smooth section. Hm ….

5. Navel
Men must also have a belly button. Yet somehow she liked this part, and often want to pet him. He did not even care if their partner’s stomach or a little hill fast. For him, all as sexy!

6. Curves
Different from Debbie Gibson, John Mayer once said, “Your body is a wonderland ….” This song is for the lover is said at the time, Jennifer Love Hewitt. If you notice, Jennifer did have a curvy body, with full hips.

Other curves are favored men in the S curve to the bottom of our backs when viewed from the side. “If you hug the back mate, we can hand stuck in the butt,” so said a fellow man Another part of the section is a curve according to their calves and legs. Well, so we just grooved body, industrious-rajinlah sports.

7. Breasts
Unless she’s a breast cancer specialist, it was no normal man could not beat the look or contact with a woman’s breasts. Breast actually included in the list of preferred body grooves man. However, the breast can not be compared with any part of the female body. The man did not even care what size their partner’s breasts. Curve, although slightly, will make it turn on.

How about you? Which part of your body the most preferred partner?


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