Use Yahoo! Messenger to call and talk over the Internet just like you are on the phone. All you need is a headset, or a microphone and speakers. Click Call button and will call instant your frind.Send private messages and make conversation while listen music or play small games.Meet new people in chat rooms,share emotions and talk with them.
Editor’s review
Is an online application provided for free by Yahoo! Inc. The main menu it is simple :messenger,contacts,actions and help.

– general settings and preferences for start up moment,sign in ,when you are online and when sign out.
2.Alerts and Sounds
– can enable or disable sound alerts for every action you perform while using this webmessenger.
– choose a sound file to play from your computer
3. Appearance
– manage the interface changing the skin,the colors,fonts type and font colors
– set the appearance of the contacts who are in your address book: by Yahoo! ID or first name + last name
– can save your correspondence with your friends permanent or delete the discussions when logout.
– save or delete call history
5.Calling and Audio
– fix microphone,speaker and ringers sounds for online activities
– play a ringtone
6.Messenger Chat
– use chat on Internet via YM
– setup proxy server if your internet connection require a proxy
– speed of the Internet bandwidth
– select the country (will help you to run YM faster)
8.Display Image while using webmessenger
– ask permission from others to see your display avatar image
9.Ignore List
– if you do not want to receive messages you can select the YM ID and add to Ignore list
– after a time , you can remove this penalty for each user
– choose the quality of the music (medium,low,high)
– change your online status when you are listening music!
– filter the type of the music
11.Live Words
– enable emoticons (smilies an others),audibles
– open messages in the same windows or in a new one
– Invisible mode means you you will not appear online to your friends (can choose Invisible for everyone or for certain users)
– set the number of Idle minutes: if you are not using the PC, after this number of minutes a small logo will appear and announce your friends you are Idle
– set the message when you have a webcam connected to your computer
14.Yahoo Messenger Webcam
– choose setting for webcam
– choose speed
– ask for permission to view your webcam or allow all the friends to see you while you are typing messages
15. Super Webcam
– have standard mode or Super Webcam
– show small or large image in the window
You can write a message who will appear in your online status (these messages are saved in your YM account). Download it and you will benefit from all these advantages. Can edit your contact details (first,middle,last name;home,work or mobile phone number;email address;messenger ID).Also,can add notes,dates and other informations.
How you add a contact?
Select Contacts and then type Yahoo ID or YM emaill address of the person you want to join.Can select a contact from address book directly (not necessary to login in YM account with Internet Explorer); MSN Messenger (Windows Live Messenger) ID is accepted too.
Can send files from your computer to others,via this program.Can use a lot of smilies an download others from the internet and put on YM



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